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Make sure to check out some or all of the Second Life Videos on pages m & n. You can also search YouTube for additional videos. Remember, all work is due by July 31. Need an extension. Just ask. Course Survey

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This is a graduate level inquiry course with a focus on educational technology research literature, providing familiarity with the process of reporting and evaluating studies in the field. Research concepts and procedures will be stressed during the examination of educational technology research that will be applicable to using media and multimedia for instruction. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and their classmates via online synchronous and asynchronous meetings as well as the opportunity to post media or multimedia of their own.

This class will meet online synchronously, through Adobe Connect and asynchronously, through at—home activities and weekly Conferences (discussions) on this Wiki. Each week's readings, online viewings and guided assignments will be posted on the weekly pages located in the main menu. All your work will be posted on your personal website so make sure to get that created and send me the URL so I can post it on the "Student Websites" page. This course requires extensive reading, thinking and active participation as we learn about different studies involving Educational Technology. What day and time will we meet? Tentatively Monday from 8-9:30. This will be finalized during the first class period.

For the course text we will be using e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Clark and Mayer 2nd edition. Don't worry about the DVD that comes with it. It's worthless. This is the same text we used in EDT 521. Some of you will have the text already. Those that do not should order it online (cheaper) because you will be using it again in the program. The sooner you get it, the better.

When you come to this site just visit the current week for all the information you need to continue your activities. All the readings and videos will be posted at least a week or more in advance. Make sure to check the current week's page for any updates and additional information about the course.

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