Using web design with preservice teachers as a means of creating a collaborative learning environment.

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Studies found by students

Article: What we know about the impacts of Webquests: A review of research, by Abbitt, J., and Ophus, J. (2008)

Link to Reference: (Given by Michelle K)
Maddux and Cummings (2004)

Article: Kanuka, H., Rourke, L., & Laflamme, E. (2007). The influence of instructional methods on the quality of online discussion . British Journal of Educational Technology, 38(2), 260-271.

Article: Roblyer, M.D., & Knezek, G.A. (2003). New millennium research for edu- cational technology: A call for a national research agenda. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 36(1), 60-76.

Article (From Nils M): Leahy, M., & Twomey, D. (2005). Using web design with preā€service teachers as a means of creating a collaborative learning environment. Educational Media International, 42(2), 143-151. doi:10.1080/09523980500060308.

Article (From Alonzo L.): Strickland, J., & Nazzal, A. (2005). Using webquests to teach content: Comparing instructional strategies. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 5 (2), 138-148

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