Week 1 In—Class Activities on June 1 Week 2 Due June 7. Week 3 Due June 15!

A. The Syllabus (online) was presented

B. Key concepts in research were introduced

C. Readings were introduced:

1.e-Learning and the Science of Instruction, Chapter 2 How do People Learn from e-Courses? (posted in the readings section)
2. Buy the class text

D. Viewing: After viewing the movie below please go to the DISCUSSION and respond as directed to "Questions or Comments about Wikis"

E. Activities
1. Create a website using Yola or Weebly or any other free webpage program that you like. Email the link to me (Dr. Sponder).
2. On your website Homepage post your photo, email address and your first reflective essay. Also create a separate page for Weeks 1-4 Homework and another page for Weeks 5-8 Homework.

1. What is Action Research?

2. Key ideas in Validity and Reliability
The movie is here

3. A Glossary of Key Research Terms.
Please read Bell Curve, Causal Relationship, Confirmability, Confidence Level, Confounding Variable, Content Validity, Control Group, External Validity, Generalizability, Hypothesis, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Random Sampling, Reliability, Standard Error, Transferability, Validity,