Week 3 (for the June 15 Connect Meeting) This will be the only Tuesday Meeting. All other Meetings will be held on Mondays. All Meetings are online from 8:00-9:30 PM. Wimba Meeting Posted on the Recordings page.


1. Text: Read Chapter 11 about Practice.
2. Download and read Interactive whiteboards: boon or bandwagon? A critical review of the literature. My Introduction.
3. Download and read the ABSTRACT, Introduction (pp 901-902) and 6. Conclusions (p. 914). You can also read the full research study if you like. My introduction to the article is here.

Activities (Please have these posted by June 15)

1. Find a video about using the SMART Board (interactive whiteboard) in the area you teach from YouTube.com and embed that on your Homework page. Don't teach? Find a video that explains something about the SMART Board that you'd like to know. Embed that one.

2. After reading the text and the research articles about Interactive Whiteboards write a two page opinion paper (minimum) about using the SMART Board for practice referring to both articles—and the text —in your paper as sources for ideas and inspiration. Five pages maximum. Attach your paper to the Homework page of your website.

3. Make one response (or more) to my EDEN Conference Blog. I will be attending presentations from Thursday—Saturday so read and respond as you like.