f. Week 5

Week 5 (for the June 28 Connect Meeting) 6/28

Problem solved. Too many crashes with Firefox! I will now be using Safari on a Mac for Connect. It should make a difference. We'll see this week if it does.
Here's a heads up for next semester.
There is a technology conference in October in Hartford. Check it out as something you might want to attend.

1. Text: Read Chapter 13 Who's in Control?
2. The Use of Twitter in Education (paper presentation) - Located on the Readings, Links and DLs page.
3. Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities (research study) - Located on the Readings, Links and DLs page.

FYI Twitter in Japan
FYI How great is this?
FYI Trust Twitter?

1. Join Twitter and check that website for tutorials and information. It can't be that difficult to use, can it? If you have a phone with text messaging download that application. If you have an iPhone, there is a very good app for you to download (free). You can also use Twitter from your computer but the real fun is using it from your mobile phone. Play around and find someone famous (to you) to follow. You can also search for educational technology threads or anything else of personal interest.

2. Read the text chapter about Learner Control and the two articles—one a presentation paper and the other a formal research study.

3. Activities
1. Follow Michelle and Nicole's ISTE Blogs and Tweets from the conference. Jessica should also have a Twitter account and you can add her to your follow list. Their information should be posted on their websites. The ISTE Conference website is here. (June 27-30) Respond to them as you wish. You can ask them questions or just see how they are doing. Post your response to using Twitter with the rest of the class in the Week 5 Discussion page. This can continue into Week 6 as well.

2. How does Twitter relate to the ideas about Learner Control presented in the Chapter? How can you use this technology either personally or in the classroom as an educational tool? Two pages and post on your Week 5 Homework page. You can use one original graphic or table to illustrate your point. (Please don't make it a full page)

3. After reading the research study about Microblogging, go to the Discussion section starting on page 7/10 and flows into page 8/10. There are six categories of major uses for Twitter. After you join Twitter do one activity for each of the six points and write a paragraph about what you did and what you discovered. Relate you findings to what the researchers found. Post that paper to your Week 5 Homework page as well.