Week 7 (for the July 12 Connect Meeting) The Connect Meeting recording is here

1. Questions or Comments
2. APA Style (just use APA style for your references, not anything else)
3. Virtual Worlds (the study vs. reality)
4. Looking at the two assignments due at the end of the month
5. Homework

1. Text: Read Chapter 15 Simulation and Games in e-Learning
2. Research study
3. Read The Hawthorne Effect.

4. (Optional) Posted in the Blogs from the ISTE Conference Ten Free Educational Game Sites

1. After reading the text chapter compare the points the authors raised to the Virtual Worlds research summary. What were the points of agreement and or disagreement? What could have the textbook authors have added to the chapter to include this research? One full page or longer and attach that to the Weeks 5-8 Homework page.

2a. Join Second Life . What is it? (click to see) Don't do the premium version just stick with the basic (free) option. You'll need a powerful enough computer for this so check the requirements given. As far as I know you all are okay. You will use a first name and they will give you a choice for a second name. You have to download a Second Life Viewer that enables you to login without going through a web browser.

2b.Then, explore Second Life by creating an Avatar and appearance. Go through the Welcome Island then explore on your own. Take three hours (minimum) and see how far you get. More if you like. I know it can be either addictive or revolting but take an investigative approach. Finally, take a screen capture of yourself in any location except the Welcome Island and post that to the Homework page. Write a paragraph or more about your experience. Would you be interested in going to class here?

2c. Finally, after doing the "Second Life" activity, in a Discussion Post discuss whether or not (pros and cons) you'd like to have virtual class meetings for EDT online classes. Why or why not? Check the Discussion page for directions. Do this in time for the July 12 meeting.