Week 8 (for the July 19th Connect Meeting) We will meet on Second Life. Details on Monday. Make sure to be on twitter for instant communication. I'm strawbarryfield (yes, forever).

Wiki Research review article

1. 7:30PM-on. I will be at Rosebud
2. 8:00PM-8:30. Arrival and get acquainted with the meeting place
3. 8:30-9:30 Meeting and course summary. This will be recorded for folks who can't quite make it (but tried)
4. Meeting will be on Twitter as well so folks who can make it should be Tweeting. People who can't should be following on Twitter.

1. Read the Wiki research review article.
2. After reading the article about Wikis post a message to this week's discussion page discussing your Wiki experience(s) with the points raised in the article. What do you think the strengths of the Wiki are for you? Weaknesses?
3. Course summary and assignment wrap—up.
4. Online evaluation
5. Finish second reflective essay