Your Name

1. Title of the technology we didn't cover in class but you're interested in studying.

2. Introduction

Describe the technology you are summarizing research about. Pose any of your own questions about it as well.

3. The history of its use in the classroom

A short overview of the technology itself and how people have been using it.

4. Summary of research about the technology

This should be the longest part of the paper and use the conclusions of several studies to describe what people have found out about the technology.

5. Conclusion.

Draw some conclusions. How will you use this technology? What do you think of the technology's potential uses in the classroom. What other questions remain for you?

How many pages?

Six minimum, excluding the title and 20 maximum.


Use the APA style format.


Use the studies we have read in class about Microblogging, the Interactive Whiteboard and WebQuests as models for your writeup.


Due at the end of this month but you can have an automatic extension till the end of the summer (August 31) by asking.


The A papers will be considered for publication. After grading you will likely be asked to do some rewriting but that is normal for publishing.