Second Life Meeting at Rosebud

• Rosebud is my Educational Technology retreat in Second Life

Click here to go to the meeting. Any trouble? Tweets R' Us

ALERT: You should already be familiar with Second Life, have an Avatar and have the application downloaded on your computer. If not, better not to waste class time getting started just before class starts. It does take a few days and some hours to get used to this virtual world. Is it worth it? I am thinking about including an SL component in a future class—one that has a strong orientation and training program for newbies. Students who don't have the necessary equipment can participate from the computer lab. Your feedback will help me decide what to do.


1. 7:30PM-on. I will be at Rosebud. People can start to drop by. Address and directions will be posted here at 7:30 PM on Monday, July 19.
2. 8:00PM-8:30. Arrival and get acquainted with the meeting place. Fireplace seating on a first come first serve basis.
3. 8:30-9:30 Meeting and course summary. This will be recorded (hopefully) for folks who can't quite make it (but tried).
4. The Meeting will also be monitored on Twitter as well so folks who can make it should be Tweeting. People who can't make it for any reason should be following me and their classmates on Twitter.


Directions: First make sure you reboot your computer and have no other programs open so you have maximum computing power.
If your computer is slow, have patience. If it crashes, restart it.

1. The link to go to Rosebud is here (TBA)
2. When you get there, find a place to sit down and say hi.
3. Make sure you have Twitter going on your phone, or your computer if you must.
4. Check the board for up-to-date information
5. If anything goes wrong, so be it. We know that moving around in Second Life is an acquired skill, but we are just exploring at this juncture.
6. When the meeting is finished make sure to fill out the end of course survey that will be posted here at the end of the evening.
7. Your Research Summary paper and Activity Plan are due by July 31. If you need more time, let me know. I will have you fill out an incomplete form and send it to me. You will then have as much time as you need to finish up, up to a year. You shouldn't take more than a few weeks to get this done.


Links and Resources

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